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Our approach :

A website can be effective and cost effective at the same time. By giving you the option of control, you can save on your IT costs and keep your site updated at the same time.

We are still amazed at the charges some website design companies dish out to their customers. From our experience having a good website, which not only looks professional, works well and is well ranked in the search engines, doesn't mean that you also have to outlay a small fortune.

Our websites start from as little as £500 including a bespoke design and intergrated client webpage editing system.

1. How we see it:
Our prices may be competitive but we are not in the business of churning out bland and factory style websites. We like approach each project as an individual challenge and how can we make sure that you as the customer get what you want while keeping the costs down & getting the project finished in a timescale to suit you.

2. How we start it:
We like to go through all projects in detail with our client face to face first, running through your requirements, ensuring that you understand what we offer and suggesting ideas and solutions. We will then give you a quote with a detailed breakdown of cost (spread payment options available on certain projects) and delivery timescale.

3. How we do it:
Subject to your requirements, we design most of our website with the ability for clients to update their website in house. Whether this be using a simple to use CMS webpage editing system, or by building in bespoke administration functionality to specific or all areas of the website, enabling you to manage your content, whether updating/adding prices or products or running a complex database of information online.

We have a large design and programming team based in Asia as well as our UK offices, which means that we can compete with any website design company on price without compromising our service.

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