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Email marketing design & delivery:

We have years of experience in database building and maintenance combined with the latest html email delivery system. Whether you have an existing customer database, are looking to build one or purchase one then we can help.

Run your own campaigns or we can create and deliver them for you from as little as £80

Why? - Email marketing is the perfect customer acquisition and retention tool. Cost effective, fully measurable using advanced statistics and easily integrated with your online and offline databases, done well personalised email campaigns can deliver great results. Remember you are often competiting with many other companies, so by keeping your customers in touch with your business helps keep you in the forefront of their minds when making purchase or planning decisions.

Creating a customer database - It is essential to build a well managed customer database which can then be used as a marketing tool to keep your existing and future customers aware of your products and services. By collecting customer data, whether from simple website enquiry forms to exporting customers details from online ordering systems, you can quickly create a useful database to begin to market to.

Purchasing databases - If you are looking to purchase data to market to we can help source it for you. Contact us >

Creating your campaign - Having developed a customer database, whether it is 200 or 200,000 subscribers we can begin to put your marketing plan into action, targeting all or specific customers, by sending out a campaign targeted to those interested in only specific information:

HTML email design to fit with your website branding & design example
Personalisation. Set the mailer to deliver with the recipients name embedded in the email
How often are you going to send your mailers
Targeting specific customer groups, by sendign out a targeted campaign to those interested in only specific information

Analysis - Having delivered your campaign you can then evaluate the success with details statistics:

Email opened
Emails forwarded
Click throughts. Specific links clicked on to see what was of most interest
Bounces. Emails address in your database that are invalid
Unsubcribers. Keep your database up to date with only those wishing to receive you information

If you have any questions please contact us on the following or ideally fill in our contact form to give us the ability to look in to your requirements before we contact you back.

Telephone : 01394 450 979
Email :


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