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Search Engine optimisation & marketing:

There are plenty of companies claiming to
specialise in search engine optimisation and
many don't acheive what they claim but have a
good sales patter.

We have a grass roots approach to SEO, starting with the systems we use to power our sites. Making sure that from the very start of any project that what we are building is as search engine friendly as possible.

All new website projects are search engine optimised and submitted, we also offer website search engine optimisation & advice services to make sure that your website gets the best chance of getting the organic ranking you want, including:

Analysis of what already works & what your competition do
Appropriate keywords and meta description
Body content copywriting
Domain name strategy
Imagery and ALT tagging
Meta title construction
Site mapping &
submission including DMOZ & Google

Case Study :
- visit

The Business - BuildIT is a building supply business, competing in a tough & highly competitive market with household names such as Travis Perkins, Jewson and Ridgeons.

Selling products online the client opted for the simple to use actinic software system, which is ideal for a start up business on a tight budget.

Research - We researched the competitions websites that were appearing in the top results under the areas that BuildIT wished to acheive high page ranking, to ensure that their key main product areas would come up high on an organic search engine queary.

Search Engine Optimisation - The website was then tagged accordingly, making sure each page and product section was carefully tagged, from the page titles, body content, meta keywords and descriptions, images and alt tags.

For example product images were saved to contain the product description not as a reference number which is a common mistake::

eg. centre_pivot_roof_window_GGL_pine.jpg

Site map generation and submission - A site map was then created and uploaded and the site verified on the search engines, before submitting.

Online advertising campaign - An initial online marketing campaign was set up through google adwords site map was then created to attract customers from the moment the website went live. Adwords campaigns are now managed to maximise month on month focus on target search phrases.

XML site map generation and submission - Site map generation and submission - A site map was then created and uploaded and the site verified on the search engines before submission. This ensures that the search engines have all the tools to quickly archive the webpages, with periodic sitemap updates made to ensure the latest pages are listed.

Ongoing Analysis - We work ongoing with the client, with much of the work being done by the client, to ensure that the website maintains its ranking in the areas they wish to target. This includes developing new relevant page content to add to the websites appeal to customers and therefore search engines adding functionality such as a concrete mixing calculator

The Result - The site is as a result achieving great success in its organic page ranking in the search engines, with the added advantage of new products added to the site being almost immediately well page ranked.

If you have any questions about search engine optimisation, please contact us on the following or ideally fill in our contact form to give us the ability to look in to your requirements before we contact you back.

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01394 450 979
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